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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fixing Merlin 430R garage roller door wireless remote

I found my Merlin 430R roller door wireless remote playing up after a couple of years. It intermittently would not receive the wireless signal (even when standing right under the unit!) but everything else was working fine. So first step of troubleshooting… Go buy a new remote!
After buying the new remote I had limited success so I figured the logic board wireless must be broken. I found a new one on ebay (see below) and it seemed pretty simple to install but it seemed a little pricey at $175 (I can buy a brand new one for $315!!)
After looking around with out much luck for a second hand unit I came across this little gem. Its a 12v wireless RF relay remote control which works in the 315Mhz range and is able to remotely (apparently 50 – 100m – tested 20m) switch 2 relays. In laymans terms a replacement wireless remote for under $10

I was able to wire in the wireless remote into the accessory terminal strip using the following wiring diagram:

The unit fits nicely in the light housing or can be fitted in a box if required and has been working perfectly for the last couple of months. The remotes are hard coded to a 315Mhz frequency depending on the chip-set. If you want 2 remotes make sure they are the same chip-set so they work on the same frequency however getting a replacement remote is quite easy since you can get self programming remotes like this one . Happy days!


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